Monday, 13 June 2011

A New Xperience: Getting Fit The Hollistic Way...

Didn't pay much attention to the email notification that came in from Sabahan Bloggers Facebook page at first, thinking its just another blog update notification.

Only when I opened up my Gmail page to clear the daily clutter did I realise its another offer by Core Fitness; 3 trial sessions for their new fitness programme, X45, over 3 days, free of charge!

The sessions will start by 6:30pm on 13th, 15th, and 17th June, at the brand new CORE Fitness outlet at 8th floor, Center Point.

"X45 uses short, group-based, effective workouts to make the best of every trainee’s time and effort in the gym. Core Fitness use time-tested, science-backed methods that promise you results. Offers a variety of training tools such as pull-up bars, gymnastic rings, kettle bells, plyo boxes, dumbbells, skipping ropes, medicine balls, and etc.

Nobody trains alone at X45 and their goal is to help you achieve your goals in the quickest, most effective way possible."

I have previously failed in my attempt to win a place in CORE's Get Fit Challenge, so I was hoping I'd get a place this time round, since its being offered to the first 10 people who signs up. However, it was already almost a full day since the email arrived, and I wasn't sure if any places would be left. But I sent an email to Dino anyway.

When I logged into my Gmail on Saturday morning, I was greeted by another email from Dino saying that I have secured a place in the 3-day trial sessions. GAME ON!

I'm psyched, I'm excited, and I'm filled with anticipation.

And this free trial came at a very appropriate time, as I'm just about to finish my personal training sessions with my existing trainer. I might just end up adopting X45 as my new training regeime. 

Really appreciate Core Fitness for making this experience available to Sabahan Bloggers for free!

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