Monday, 22 August 2011

To Beaufort By Rail

Richard Sokial, an architect friend who's writing a book about Sabah's vintage & historical buildings was going to Beaufort to gather more information on the old building there, so I tagged along.

We took the 7:45am train from Tanjung Aru station.

 One way fare to Beaufort(a distance of 85km) is only RM4.80

 North Borneo Railway cabins which are operated by Sutera Harbour Resorts parked on its exclusive platform

 This is the normal train that ply the Tanjung Aru-Beaufort route operated by the Sabah State Railway Department.

 Its fully air-conditioned and very comfortable, with proper padded seats and an overhead luggage rack running the entire length of the cabin.

I was disappointed to see hydraulic doors like those on subway trains. This means there'll be no hanging halfway out the doorway to snap pics T_T.

Even the space between the cabins are sealed T_T. 

Luckily the windows are huge and relatively clean, allowing me to snap this pic of a boat coming in from the sea as we pass a river mouth while the train was travelling along the beach before Kimanis.
Old shophouse before Kimanis town.

 Diesel train engine at Beaufort station.


 Sequence of pics showing a diesel train docking with old wooden train cabin, whileRichard looked on.
 And off she goes.

The old wooden cabins towed by diesel locomotive engine plys the Beaufort-Tenom route.

Interior of the vintage train cabin. This seems to be a newer model as the really old white-and-green ones I remember has wooden benches without any cushions, and wooden windows and doors.
This was what greeted us as we stepped out of the train station. Beaufort is changing, and losing its old world charm, fast.

These three blocks of old wooden shop houses is the reason why Richard is here - to document  them in detail for his book.

Took couple of comparison shots using my 18-200(above) and Richard's Sigma 10-20(below), both set at the widest setting.

Beaufort town as seen from the main roan coming from Kota Kinabalu.

Richard posing in front of the old wooden house which is now part of a school compound.

 Interesting mural on one of the school building.

I left early to catch the 11am train back to Tanjung Aru while Richard and his friend stayed behind to complete their documentation work.

Gonna take the train again and go all the way to Tenom, maybe stop over at a few villages along the way. However I will wait for Chindi to come over before making the journey, as he's been wanting to take the train for ages.

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Chindiana said...

OKOK sorry man i keep delaying my trip. Will try get to you before the year's out (hopefully!)