Monday, 7 May 2012

Memories...Light The Corner Of My Mind...

I was working on something and needed some screws. While digging around my work area outside the house, I came across this rusty tin with rusty nails & screws in it. Started digging through it with a screwdriver and picking out all the screws to see if any of them is what I need.

Took me a good while to realise that this actually belonged to my dad. I haven't seen this tin for years, and actually forgot it existed. But once I recognised it for what it is, memories started flooding back.

This is the tin with which my dad taught me how to hammer a nail, how to work a screw, and what screwdriver to use with what screw. This tin is also the reason I got interested in doing DIY stuff, because I wanted to be just like my dad.

I also remembered my dad's peculiar way of using a hammer. He's right handed, but he would hammer a nail with the hammer in his left hand. He used all other tools with his right hand. I asked him why is that, but he couldn't explain it either :D

Can't believe its almost a year since he left us.

Suddenly, a damn ninja decided to cut onions beside me...

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Chindiana said...

heart warming and i like the ninja onion ending.